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Mom, Artist, and Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

A New Orleans resident by way of Austin, Becky Fos is a bit of a Renaissance Woman.   An everyday mom, Fos is a popular artist in the Big Easy with a streak of burning creative energy rivaled only by her daily goal of living an active lifestyle.   Through her constant healthy pursuits she has been nominated as a Brigade Ambassador for  Evamor Alkaline Water as well as a Store Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica New Orleans.

Becky Fos’ works are simply signed B. Fos.  Her impasto technique, applying wet, undiluted oil paint with her palette knife, is unapologetically bold and energetic. She uses color as  a forefront in her pieces that allow them to come to life, evoking an instant sense of happiness.  Over the years, her layering of oil paint and colors have become heavier and thicker, with some of the oil paint being raised half an inch off of the canvas.  Her art can be found at her gallery space at Gallery B. Fos on famous Magazine Street.  

When she is not painting in the studio or being mom to her son, Jude, Becky can be found on the levee preparing for a marathon, at the yoga studio meditating, or working up a sweat at a session of CrossFit. 

“Everyday starts with a workout for me.  It clears my mind and allows me to unleash the creative energy I need for whatever painting I may be working on at the time,” says Fos.  “It also gives me the energy to chase Jude around when I’m not painting!”

See what B. Fos is painting now and say “Hello” 

Artist Statement: “For me, painting is the most authentic way to express myself.  I am not good with words, so I just want to keep this short. I feel enormously blessed to live in New Orleans.   And I’m inspired by everything .  I gather boundless inspiration from all corners of this wild, beautiful, and colorful city.  New Orleans is my muse.  I try to transform the spirit of my inspirations into oil paintings with my trusty palette knife.  I choose the colors on my palette, but in the end the colors really choose me.”  

Becky Fos New Orleans Painter and Artist
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